Last home now available at Carsington development.
Blue Line Developments is reaching the end of its development of five unique barn conversions at Kennel Meadows Farm, Carsington. Lake view offers the last chance to acquire a home on this delightful development where a traditional farmhouse and an ... More

Is the ability to build a stylish home learned, or inborn?
Clearly qualities such as knowledge of construction and business can be acquired by training and experience. However, some qualities such as an 'eye for style', enthusiasm to succeed, the need to produce quality are to some extent inborn and cannot b... More

Blue Sky Homes are a company whose aim is to build homes not just houses.

Our motto is "Just Move In" because Blue Sky homes are finished to a standard where you can move in with out worry.

From the bespoke fitted kitchen to the fully landscaped gardens you will not need extras in our beautifully designed homes.

At Blue Sky we are proud of our homes, and confident you will be.

A Blue Sky home is a home we would choose to live in, so why don't you: